Why trust Orchard Medical with your vacancies?

We have approaching 50 years of AHP recruitment experience in our office. This means we are in a position to understand what your requirements are and what is important to you. We can therefore recognise when we have found a Therapist that will be a good match for you and when they won’t. Its serves no purpose to introduce a Therapist to you, who lives hours away, has no experience in your clinical area and only wants 2 hours a week. This is why we form a close relationship with our Therapists many of whom are senior and only take posts through us, because they know we listen.

Plain English Mini Service Level Agreement (SLA)

If you would like a more formal recruitment arrangement feel free to complete our mini SLA. It’s in plain English, doesn’t over promise, employs a best endeavours approach, its only two pages long and you can understand it! 

PDF download.

Want to know more?

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